April 5, 2018


Mobile-first technology used to communicate timely safety information during critical events in Austin at SxSW 2018

No one could have anticipated the serial bombings in Austin. Despite these events which significantly affected the Austin community, the proactive South by Southwest Operations Team was empowered to use LiveSafe’s technology to send a Broadcast Message to alert staff and volunteers when an explosion went off in a nearby neighborhood on March, 12th.

Following the incident, the SxSW operations team sent a reminder every day to all employees to be alert and vigilant and to see something, then say something.

In addition to the broadcast for the bombing, SxSW sent out 20 broadcast messages via LiveSafe throughout the conference. The subjects among the broadcasts ranged from inclement weather, wind warnings and included reports of crowd surges.

Over the course of the conference, not all of the tips submitted could be characterized as “critical.” The 10 day event is known for its exciting innovation and the tips submitted reflected that aspect as well. Among the non-urgent tips submitted were a broken toilet in a public restroom, and in the true spirit of keeping Austin weird, a tip was submitted about a pet bird taking their owner for a walk.

With safety being top of mind for SxSW, the intention of using LiveSafe, as SxSW CEO Roland Swenson has stated, was to ensure that “staff and volunteers will have the tools to proactively assist our event and its attendees in having a safer, more enjoyable experience.”

The team at SxSW on the whole valued LiveSafe’s platform capabilities, appreciated the quick and easy implementation supported by the Global Implementation Services Team, and noted how easy it was to send out messages to their staff and volunteers rapidly when timing was essential.

LiveSafe was recently at another event, Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, this January. If you want to learn more about how the Consumer Technology Association used LiveSafe to keep attendees and staff safe at CES, one of the largest consumer technology conferences in the world, be sure to check out our blog post.


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