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Understanding the Role of Essential Communications Platforms in Campus Health Operations

By Dan Verton  /  July 30, 2020
The return of students to college and university campuses across the country amid the worst public health crisis in a century has put a spotlight on two pressing challenges facing...
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Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Ep. 15 — Mental Health: A Disturbance In The Enterprise & Educational Workforces

By Dan Verton  /  July 20, 2020
America has been dealing with a perfect storm of crises — the COVID-19 pandemic, joblessness and economic disruption, and widespread social unrest. Now, as employers and schools rush to reopen,...
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Fairfax County Teachers Say Returning to School in September Places Staff in Unnecessary Danger

By Dan Verton  /  July 10, 2020
In this special edition of the Prevention Podcast, two of the largest teacher unions in Fairfax County, Virginia, are speaking out against the county’s plan to reopen, detailing a disturbing...
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Opinion: Efforts to ‘Defund’ School Resource Officer Programs Are Shortsighted and Increase Risk

By Dan Verton  /  July 8, 2020
Black lives matter. Racial justice and police reform are necessary and urgent national objectives. But removing school resource officers from schools and replacing them with counselors is a reckless idea...
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