The New Prevention Movement: A Safety & Security Thought Leadership White Paper By LiveSafe


The New Prevention Movement

The concept of prevention is about people and culture. There is a tendency to view prevention as solely within the realm of stopping high-consequence, low-probability incidents (such as terrorist attacks and active shooters). But the New Prevention Movement is really an approach to fundamentally change organizational culture from one of reaction to one of vigilance and shared responsibility.

Perpetrators of violent crimes, whether terrorists, sexual predators or mass shooters do not suddenly “snap” and carry out their acts. They plan their actions, sometimes meticulously down to the last detail.

Targeted acts of violence are often preceded by a series of stages, all of which are designed to improve the chances of the attack succeeding. This is critical to our understanding of prevention, because all of these pre-attack/pre-incident activities can be observed and reported by vigilant bystanders.

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Powering Prevention

Community and employee-sourced intelligence that can shift an organization's security posture from reaction to prevention is now a reality with LiveSafe. We all have a role to play in preventing safety and security risks from escalating into an emergency. And now we all have a way to make a difference.