No one knows more about what’s going on than the people on the ground. No one cares more about protecting the community than the people that define it. Sexual Harassment. Malfeasance. Hazardous Conditions. Phishing. Unauthorized Persons. The spectrum of issues is rivaled only by the exposure they create. Risk is everywhere. But so are invested employees, students, members of the community — people determined to take safety back, and keep the communities that they care about safe.

The Mobile App is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded directly to a smartphone via Google Play and iTunes, respectively. The data exchanged between the Mobile App and the Command Dashboard is transmitted via a secure, virtual private cloud.


The LiveSafe Tips Engine

Empower your community to say something.

  • Quickly submit risk intelligence via mobile app
  • Location details submitted, users always control their privacy
  • Upload photos and videos to enhance tip content
  • Two-way chat with security to gather additional intel
  • Tips routed to the proper authority in real-time
  • Users can always send tips anonymously


Broadcast and Check In Messages

Connect with your community.

  • Receive broadcast push notifications, SMS, and emails
  • Contextual messaging based on geolocation and organizational affiliation
  • Geofence and time driven messaging – right message at the right time
  • Instant accountability for community with Check In messages
  • Prompt users to submit tips via Broadcast Request For Information (RFI)


Emergency Services

Help is always at your fingertips.

  • Quick 911 and local emergency services access
  • Globally aware services, no matter what country you are in
  • Configurable, dynamic local security and police numbers
  • Discreet emergency messaging with live location tracking
  • Alerts for all emergency activity sent to command dashboard


Safety Resources and Map

Critical need-to-know community information.

  • Configurable emergency policies, procedures, and building maps
  • Resource data stored locally on LiveSafe Mobile app
  • Offline resource availability, network connectivity is never an issue
  • Data automatically updates based on user location
  • Safety map with configurable data layers


SafeWalk and SafeDrive

Personal safety whenever you’re on the move.

  • Request virtual companions to escort you step-by-step
  • Destination ETA automatically calculated, shared with trusted contacts
  • Virtual companions alerted if you don’t arrive on time
  • Two-way group chat to keep in sync
  • Panic button to reach emergency services at any time
  • Toggle to Drive Mode if you are in a vehicle

Ready to learn more? Let us show you how LiveSafe can power prevention in your community.