LiveSafe Mobile SDK

The LiveSafe Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) enables businesses to embed the primary features of the LiveSafe Mobile App suite into existing iOS or Android apps, seamlessly connecting communities to the security teams protecting them. With the LiveSafe Mobile SDK, businesses can embed a bi-directional safety communications infrastructure, a mechanism for surfacing risk insights, and a suite of self-service safety tools into their existing mobile apps. LiveSafe serves as a steward of employee/student privacy and will not pass through Personal Information and location data unless the employee expressly chooses to share it.

Report tips and risks about suspicious activity, safety hazards, ethics violations, and much more, directly from the existing organization app they use most.

Receive important broadcast messages via push notification without having to download any additional apps or register for other services.

Quickly reach security officials and share their location during an emergency via phone call or message.

Initiate two-way chat communication with security officials regarding safety concerns.

Quickly determine nearby safety places like police stations and hospitals, organization areas of interest or concern.

Platform Integrations

The LiveSafe Platform can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the investments that clients have already made in user management, safety, security, risk management, and other systems, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment. Platform integrations are a force multiplier and enabler for extending user reach, streamlining data transmission, and simplifying workflows for operators and other personnel.



Webhooks are a powerful feature that can automatically transmit reported tips and community-sourced risk intelligence in real-time to other internal applications used by clients including Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems (i.e. SureView Immix), risk and incident management systems, as well as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems. It provides a generic way for any LiveSafe sourced intelligence to be plugged into existing systems and workflows to minimize context switching and decrease response times for security personnel.


User Management Solutions

LiveSafe also offers seamless, standardized integrations with identity management, active directory and HR systems in an automated fashion. The LiveSafe System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a path to automating full synchronization of employee data between a company’s internal systems and the LiveSafe Platform. Where implementing LiveSafe SCIM is not an option, LiveSafe Automated User Management via batch offers an easy way to add, remove, or update user profile data with a simple .CSV file via secure FTP (SFTP). Automated batch updates ensure user information stays current with the evolution of the business.


RSS Feed

LiveSafe has the ability to ingest and transmit rich content through RSS feeds which enables downstream integration with anything from emergency notification and business continuity systems to digital signage. These feeds can also be ingested by the LiveSafe platform to deliver push notifications to LiveSafe Mobile App users in your community. This feature adds a bidirectional layer of redundancy when you need to get messages out and ensure everyone is in the know.

LiveSafe Workday Connector

LiveSafe helps companies deliver a mobile safety communications platform, engaging the entire workforce with scalable solutions that reach employees through their mobile phones to enable the proactive prevention of incidents. The value and ROI of your LiveSafe deployment increases with each user that joins and contributes to your community. Automated user management, which integrates and syncs employee information directly with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), allows LiveSafe clients to meet their continuously growing needs. Companies with Workday HCM installed will realize a number of immediate differentiating benefits using the LiveSafe Workday Connector.

The LiveSafe Workday Connector offers several differentiating features:

  • Imports employee contact information from Workday HCM into LiveSafe, giving the security team full workforce coverage. It automatically syncs and updates employees as they join and leave the organization.
  • Does not require employees to download the LiveSafe mobile app to receive critical safety updates to their mobile phones. Supports custom automated routing and assignment of users to the proper organization based on attributes such as work location and role.
  • Clients can instantly reach imported users via email and SMS broadcast messages, as well as check-ins.
  • Integration is certified by Workday as a standardized turn key solution.

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