February 29, 2016

ARLINGTON, Va. – LiveSafe Inc., the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform, today announced the launch of a “Strategic Alliance Program” designed to deliver higher value to customers and end users. The new program will help support LiveSafe’s rapid expansion into the commercial enterprise market while providing new opportunities to serve the university and college sector. Through the Alliance Program, LiveSafe’s mobile safety service will be distributed into the hands of employees and students by partnering with preexisting technology applications and services. By embedding LiveSafe technology, service providers will now be able to deliver compelling new applications focused around safety and security directly to their customers. The LiveSafe Alliance Program gives joining companies, organizations, universities and campuses a robust suite of tools designed to keep their end users safe, secure and protected.

For the launch of the new program, LiveSafe has hired senior executive Jim Smolen to oversee the initiative. Smolen led the Global Alliance program at Life360, an application designed to keep families and close friends connected. Prior to Life360, he was responsible for establishing enterprise alliances with Fortune 200 partners across North America, Europe, and Asia.

“Every organization understands the value of mobile technology in today’s world,” said Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe. “Embedding safety and security into existing smartphones and digital applications just makes sense. When people and companies see how easy it is to include safety into the mobile experience, it goes from a nice to have, to a must have. “

DubLabs, a mobile platform that helps schools launch school branded mobile apps with access to schedules, course registration, academic and campus life information and services, is the inaugural partner under the new Alliance Program. Adding LiveSafe technology to over 140 colleges and universities that currently use DubLabs will give thousands of students across the country access to connect with campus safety officials on their smartphones.

“LiveSafe shares our vision of making relevant, easy-to-access mobile technology available to students. And, in the world of Higher Ed where safety is so important to parents and students, we wanted to make sure our customers have access to an enterprise class safety component,” said Tony Orlando, CEO of DubLabs.

“We are excited that DubLabs is the first to sign up for our program,” said Jim Smolen, the new Head of Strategic Alliances. “We understand our customers and their end users want one way of accessing information and services via their mobile device. Adding the safety component through these partnerships allows better communications lines to keep their people safe, secure and protected.”

LiveSafe’s mobile safety communications platform is an app connected to a powerful Command Dashboard that provides end users with two-way, real time communications and a suite of tools to access a wide range of safety and security resources. Designed to be used for everyday situations, the technology scales quickly for threat events. LiveSafe made recent news with expanded features to its enterprise class platform.

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LiveSafe’s risk intelligence technology platform surfaces early warning insights and prevents serious safety and security incidents to mitigate operational risks, reduce financial losses, and make places safer for people to work, learn, and live. Follow LiveSafe on Twitter @LiveSafe, and learn more at LiveSafeMobile.com.

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