June 29, 2018

Ridge joins LiveSafe CEO Carolyn Parent at IACLEA Conference to Highlight the Next Generation of Preventative Safety

LiveSafe Announces 6 Month Free Membership to Anteo Intelligence Sharing Platform to all Security Professionals in Attendance

ORLANDO, FL., — Former United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will join Carolyn Parent, CEO of LiveSafe – the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform – for a wide-ranging discussion on public safety and how new technology is transforming the way colleges and universities keep students, faculty and visitors safe.

The discussion, part of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) Conference taking place in Orlando from June 29 – July 2, will cover a wide range of topics, including how the LiveSafe platform is being deployed at colleges and universities across the country, with real-life results. Governor Ridge and Carolyn Parent’s discussion will take place on the morning of June 30th.

LiveSafe helps colleges and universities prevent, mitigate and address a myriad of incidents on campus including physical safety, sexual assault, mental health (student suicides) and theft, among others.

In addition, Ridge and Parent will also be discussing the newest addition to the LiveSafe family, Anteo – an intelligence sharing platform for private security professionals. Anteo is the first-ever private, peer-to-peer security community where trusted security and risk professionals from businesses and universities come together to share information and threat intelligence over a secure network. IACLEA attendees will receive the first-ever demonstration of the new platform.

Anteo will be provided free to all campus security leaders in attendance as a way for them to bolster their intelligence gathering ability and keep their colleges safe. IACLEA attendees who sign up for Anteo will have access once the platform is generally available.

Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge: “Safety on college and university campuses is of paramount concern, particularly in this day and age. The best way for college administrators and security to keep people safe is to prevent harmful incidents before they ever occur. Simply put, prevention is more effective and economical than mitigation. Twenty-first century technology, thanks to companies like LiveSafe, is changing the way that higher education thinks about safety and security.”

LiveSafe CEO Carolyn Parent: “According to the United States Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, 79 percent of incidents are preventable due to advance threat indicators. The problem is that these indicators are often not reported. LiveSafe directly addresses this problem, providing a secure platform for people to communicate with authorities with the goal of preventing emergencies before they can actually occur and escalate. In addition, we are thrilled to be able to provide access to Anteo to the IACLEA community, so they have another tool at their disposal to help prevent incidents and have access to most up to date intelligence possible. This is a game changer for the security industry.”

Executive Director IACLEA Sue Riseling,: “Every year, IACLEA brings together the leaders in campus public safety and security to share best practices on how to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe. Tom Ridge is a pioneer and unparalleled authority in this field and we are honored to host him and LiveSafe for a discussion on how new technologies are changing the face of campus security.”

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