January 27, 2016

ARLINGTON, Va. –(GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– LiveSafe Inc., the most advanced mobile safety communications platform, today announced the new release of their upgraded Command Dashboard and mobile safety app that sets a new standard in the delivery of safety, security and crowd sourced intelligence. The expanded functionality was built in response to the challenges facing today’s enterprise and university customers in communicating two-way, real-time, critical information to inform, connect and mobilize people and safety resources.

The new features were recently scaled and tested across the Northeast during Winter Storm Jonas. Campus safety and security officials were able to successfully provide key safety and weather-related instructions to their students using the LiveSafe app. The University of Delaware and Virginia Tech were just a few customers that used several new features during Jonas.

Along with the usage among universities, Livesafe’s enterprise clients, which include well known sports facilities, retail malls, and corporations, were also able scale the platform and enable the new geo-fencing check-in feature to address specific information needs related to Jonas. From emergency preparedness to overall safety tips, the LiveSafe platform provided a mobile safety communications platform to keep people consistently informed, connected and mobilized when needed.

“LiveSafe’s enterprise-class platform covers over one million lives,” said LiveSafe CEO Carolyn Parent. “As a company, we are committed to making our world a safer place with innovative technology that keeps people informed and protected. Throughout the development of the new release, we worked closely with our enterprise, university and healthcare customers who provided recommendations and examples of real-time safety incidents. We are extremely excited that our customers were able to positively impact lives with the right information throughout Winter Storm Jonas.”

The LiveSafe platform is not “just an app.” It is a powerful combination anchored by a backend enterprise-class platform with two-way real-time communications to end users through a mobile app. The combination provides a unique ability to put the power of safety in everyone’s hands. LiveSafe’s upgraded platform includes: improved scalable architecture; geo-targeted mass notification; “check-in” capability; an enhanced tip reporting tool allowing multiple images, videos and audio files; Single Sign On (SSO) for enterprises; and a Rich Site Summary (RSS) auto-rebroadcast.

LiveSafe mobile safety communications platform features include:

Rapid Scalability- Built around historical information on time-based patterns of incidents, LiveSafe’s enhanced enterprise-class platform instantly scales to handle large volumes of traffic and data.

Geo-Targeted Mass Notification and Check-In Feature- LiveSafe’s new geo-targeted mass notification and “check-in” feature allows customers to set up a geo-fence anywhere in the world. “Always on” functionality allows targeted messages to anyone within the fence. Mass notifications, pushed security protocols and two-way communications eliminate the complexity of tracking individuals in today’s mobile workforce. LiveSafe’s advanced “check-in” feature provides real-time accounting for people in security situations to allow security resources to focus on the mission.

SSO Authorization and RSS Feed – LiveSafe’s new SSO authorization gives organizations an easy to access, new authentication mechanism in addition to PIN and verified email domain. The RSS feed auto broadcast capability allows organizations to tie into existing RSS feeds and enable automatic push notifications for those customers with existing emergency notification systems (ENS).

Tip Reporting Tool – LiveSafe’s tip reporting tool allows multiple forms of media to be forwarded through one tip. Text, audio and imaging increase the quality of information delivered through the tip reporting tool. During two separate pilots, this feature assisted security officials in the diffusion of an active shooter situation and enabled law enforcement to arrest a sexual assault perpetrator within 12 minutes after the tip was received.

LiveSafe’ customers span a wide range of industries and academic institutions, including Arizona State University, Cox Enterprises, Hearst Corporation, Levi’s Stadium, Old Dominion University and Yale. Now, commercial clients and educational institutions can help mitigate risk and protect people and assets through LiveSafe’s advanced enterprise-class platform.

LiveSafe recently made the news in December, announcing a new investment from IAC and Hearst Ventures as well as the appointment of Carolyn Parent as the company’s new CEO.

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