July 25, 2013

ARLINGTON, Va. – LiveSafe, Inc., the leading mobile application for sharing and reporting public safety information, today announced a partnership with the Andalusia City Police Department to offer the community-centric mobile application to the residents of Covington County, Alabama. Working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, the LiveSafe app empowers residents and visitors with a new tool for effectively sharing information amongst the community to increase overall awareness and prevent crime.

LiveSafe’s technology is an interactive mobile safety application which enables citizens to share safety tips, receive important emergency notifications from law enforcement, and gain greater situation awareness of their community through an interactive safety map.

Citizens of Andalusia using the LiveSafe application will have several options in deciding the best method to contact the police to report non-emergency crime information. Users may submit a safety or crime tip with audio or picture evidence through the application, or directly place a phone call to their nearest agency. The application also empowers citizens to submit information anonymously. In case of emergencies, LiveSafe will also facilitate two-way communication, providing a secure and direct way for law enforcement to reach residents with time-sensitive information.

Sergeant Jason Curry of the Andalusia City Police Department said, “The most effective crime control measure is the community and the police working together. As recent incidents remind us of the importance of prioritizing community safety, we believe in taking initiatives to leverage technology to better reach our citizens on a daily basis.”

Kristina Anderson, LiveSafe Chief Evangelist, added, The Andalusia police department is taking a very progressive stance on community safety by providing LiveSafe to their residents. It’s great to see law enforcement so committed to empowering and inspiring citizen engagement on public safety. We are very excited to partner with Andalusia and are proud to play an important role in helping the community become even more connected and aware.”

The LiveSafe mobile application will be available as a free download to residents of Andalusia, Alabama. This app is available on the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play Store.

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