April 9, 2018

Award Highlights Game-Changing Technologies and Visionary Companies

ARLINGTON, Va., –(GlobeNewswire)– LiveSafe, the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform, was named by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) as a finalist for the 2018 (R)Tech Asset Protection Innovation Awards.  The Awards showcase game-changing technologies that mitigate total retail loss and recognizes visionary companies that are developing these solutions.

Finalists were identified by a group of AP technology experts and the winners, including first, second and third place, and retailers’ choice, will be announced live from the main stage at the 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference, April 29 – May 2 in Orlando, Florida.

“The Innovation Awards are a chance for retailers to single out cutting-edge technology and recognize companies that are spurring innovation for the benefit of the retail AP industry,” said Lisa LaBruno, RILA’s senior vice president of retail operations.

“LiveSafe is honored to be recognized by RILA and its expert review panel as innovators and visionaries,” said Carolyn Parent, CEO, LiveSafe.  “We believe that a key element of making the retail environment more safe – for owners, employees and customers – happens when we combine innovative technology with industry-specific expertise.”

The LiveSafe Platform is an integrated system consisting of a mobile app for community-sourced intelligence collection, and a web-based incident management dashboard. Its design provides greater transparency and accountability to the Total Retail Loss Typography by lighting up human sensors at every stage of the risk picture. Across the broad range of loss categories and physical locations that are a part of the modern retailing landscape, LiveSafe leverages the universal common denominator that exists at virtually every touch-point – a human with a smartphone. LiveSafe systemically removes the barriers that people traditionally encounter in surfacing loss insights.

On Monday April 30, Maili Neverosky, Vice President of LiveSafe’s Global Implementation Services Team will present a brief technology showcase during Game Changers: Innovative Tech to Revolutionize Retail AP.  In addition, LiveSafe will be part of the Workplace Safety track where Maili will join Dan Ryan, Vice President, Corporate Security at GGP to present a session entitled “Community-Sourced Intel: Addressing Your Security Blind Spot” that will help attendees understand and identify significant blind spots in their organizations and will highlight real-world strategies other companies are using to leverage community-sourced intelligence. The session will be held Tuesday, May 1st from 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM.

About LiveSafe

LiveSafe’s risk intelligence technology platform surfaces early warning insights and prevents serious safety and security incidents to mitigate operational risks, reduce financial losses, and make places safer for people to work, learn, and live. Follow LiveSafe on Twitter @LiveSafe, and learn more at LiveSafeMobile.com.

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