Vector Solutions, the developers of the SafeColleges and SafeSchools solutions, has partnered with LiveSafe, the leading risk intelligence and safety communications platform, to provide customized integrated safety and security risk intelligence for both higher education and K-12 markets. This partnership improves safety at institutions by integrating LiveSafe’s Mobile App with Vector Solutions’ safety and prevention training, allowing for students, faculty and staff to more easily and quickly share and receive information about potential safety risks.

LiveSafe’s Risk Intelligence Platform provides an immediate path to communicate prevention information on a broad array of potential risks, from day-to-day safety hazards and facility repairs to serious threats. The LiveSafe Mobile App is a key ingredient in any school safety and training program, empowering students, teachers and staff to use that knowledge to report safety and security concerns before they become emergencies. For more information about Vector Solutions Education and the partnership with LiveSafe, visit