COVID-19 Health Screening, Communications & Prevention
for K-12 School Systems

Deployed In Days, Secure & Private, DHS SAFETY Act Certified

One-Touch Health Check-Ins

Schedule daily health check-in with one-touch options for "I'm Okay," or "I'm Not Feeling Well."

Embed or Link to Health Survey Forms

Leverage your own or CDC-recommended COVID-19 health survey forms. All forms are HIPAA-compliant.

Emergency Notifications

Reach parents, teachers, and staff with real-time broadcast emergency notifications.

Instant Visibility

Secure dashboard provides instant visibility into the health status of students, teachers, and staff members. Export daily health snapshot reports.

Real-Time, Two-Way Communications

Engage community members in real-time, two-way chat discreetly and anonymously (if selected by user).

Resources & Emergency Options

Provide easy access to COVID-19 resources, policies, and guidelines. One-touch access to local emergency services.

The Advantages of The LiveSafe Platform

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