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Getting employees back to the workplace and students back on campus safely requires mobile health screening capabilities, reliable and effective two-way safety communications, and the ability to provide resources in response to rapidly changing health conditions, guidance, and regulations.

Built upon the LiveSafe enterprise risk intelligence and safety communications platform, our WorkSafe back-to-work options and packages enable organizations to detect potential infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.

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Now more than ever, ensuring the health and safety of your workforce is paramount to business success and resilience. It’s also the right thing to do for our neighbors, communities, and country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that when it comes to health and safety we are all connected and dependent upon each other. That’s where LiveSafe comes in.

LiveSafe gives you all the tools you need to keep your employees informed, monitor their well-being, engage them in two-way conversations (discreetly and anonymously), and keep them safe by leveraging cutting-edge mobile and web technologies.


LiveSafe, with its COVID-19 focused WorkSafe module, gives you all the tools you need to keep your employees informed, monitor their well-being, engage them in two-way conversations, and keep them safe.


We are the leading risk intelligence and mobile safety communications platform, actively protecting more than 4.7 million people across multiple industry verticals, colleges, universities and K-12 school districts.


LiveSafe provides the tools you need to detect and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks and safety threats from impacting the lives of your employees and disrupting critical business operations.


LiveSafe Connect enables security professionals to create circles of trust with peers in other companies or industry-specific organizations for real-time, secure collaboration on emerging risks.

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Now more than ever, Chief Security Officers, Campus Police Chiefs, and HR directors need to keep tabs on local health and safety developments, as well as emerging COVID-19 risks in their industries.

LiveSafe Connect enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to create and manage circles of trust with hand selected peers, to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity.

Extending the circles of trust within geographies, industries or affiliations, generates a force multiplier to expand risk intelligence at scale for connect community members.

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