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Introducing WorkSafe
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We Build Safer, More Secure Communities

Your people are your best source of risk & threat intelligence. LiveSafe enables community engagement and reporting to PREVENT safety and security incidents.

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Safety & Security Risk Management

How LiveSafe Can Help

Prevent Costly Incidents

Enable your community to report safety and security concerns anonymously. Unearth actionable risk intelligence to prevent incidents.

Expand Your Reach

Easily integrate LiveSafe with your existing App infrastructure and other safety and security system investments.

Improve Communications

Send geo-targeted communications to your community based on their real-time location. Request additional information, or obtain check-in status to ensure employees are safe.

Lower Your Risk Profile

Leverage industry-first natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities to benchmark your performance against peer organizations and detect unknown risks throughout your enterprise.

Faster Response Times

Connect your community members with 911 or local security officials at the push of a button, regardless of where they are in the world.

Reduce Your Liability Exposure

Fewer safety and security incidents mean fewer legal, regulatory, and compliance headaches, and improved business continuity.

A Variety of Tools to Accomplish Your Safety & Security Goals​

Risk is everywhere. But so are concerned employees, students, and community members who see, hear and know things that can help prevent safety and security incidents from happening. LiveSafe provides the tools to collect people-sourced information on emerging risks, communicate critical safety information, detect hidden risk trends, and create circles of trust for real-time collaboration with other security professionals.

Anonymous Reporting / Communications

Your employees and students are the best source of emerging risk information. Give them the industry's best reporting platform and access to critical safety features and resources.

Targeted Mass Communications

Get real-time access to community member reporting and send geo-targeted communications to reach community members based on their actual location. Broadcast geo-targeted requests for information to your community to generate actionable intelligence.

Industry's Most Advanced Analytics

LiveSafe Insights (beta) leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning to unearth hidden risks in your enterprise, improve your LiveSafe performance, and help you compare your performance against your peer organizations.

Real-Time Security Collaboration

LiveSafe Connect (beta) extends the power of the LiveSafe Platform by enabling security professionals to create circles of trust with officials in geographically adjacent or industry-specific organizations for real-time, secure collaboration on emerging risks.

LiveSafe Mobile App


Tips Engine

Community member safety and security reports are geographically tagged and automatically routed to the appropriate officials. They also have the option to two-way chat with security.

Users always control their privacy and can always send tips anonymously.

emergency services

Emergency Services

Help is always at your fingertips. Quick 911 and local emergency services that are globally aware, no matter what country you are in. Discreet emergency messaging with live location tracking and alerts for all emergency activity sent to command dashboard.


Broadcast & Check-In Messages

Connect with your community. Receive broadcast push notifications, SMS, and emails. Contextual messaging is based on geolocation and organizational affiliation. Create Geofence and time driven messaging – right message at the right time. Obtain instant accountability for community with Check In messages. Prompt users to submit tips via Broadcast Request For Information (RFI).


SafeWalk & SafeDrive

Personal safety whenever you’re on the move. Request virtual companions to escort you step-by-step. Destination ETA automatically calculated, shared with trusted contacts. Virtual companions alerted if you don’t arrive on time. Two-way group chat to keep in sync. Panic button to reach emergency services at any time.

Command & Communications Dashboard

The LiveSafe Dashboard is the interface that security personnel use to access the backend features of LiveSafe. While the tips are generated by users via the LiveSafe App, the dashboard gives customers the ability to receive tips, interact with users, and administer other powerful features of LiveSafe.

The LiveSafe Dashboard is cloud-based, which means that customers can access it from anywhere in the world with internet access and a computer, laptop, or tablet device.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The LiveSafe platform can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the investments that clients have already made in mobile applications, emergency notification, business continuity, HR and active directory, and incident and risk management systems, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment. Platform integrations are a force multiplier and enabler for extending user reach, streamlining data transmission, and simplifying workflows for operators and other security personnel.

LiveSafe Insights

LiveSafe Insights enables you to detect emerging risk trends in your organization and provides data-driven recommendations to improve your prevention strategy.

  • Use natural language processing to analyze all inbound intelligence
  • Get alerts for trending, high severity incident types
  • Go beyond just top level categories for more granular classifications
  • Compare your risk matrix over time or against peers

LiveSafe Connect

LiveSafe Connect (beta) is a powerful collaboration platform for security professionals and LiveSafe users to create and manage circles of trust with hand-selected peers to share insights and mitigate risks in real time.

  • Extend networks of trust beyond the organization
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Respond faster to prevent incidents
  • Mitigate risks in real time 

LiveSafe Connect is the smart alternative to informal text messaging and email for safety and security professionals.


“LiveSafe empowers people to become part of the solution by being attentive, by having situation awareness, and not being afraid to report something to the right people.”

– Enterprise Client, Director of Security

Case Studies

“Partnering with LiveSafe has been a game-changing initiative for campus safety. We are able to do more to get ahead of incidents: preventing thefts, assaults, and even getting students home safely with the tap of a button.”

– University Chief of Public Safety

White Papers