COVID-19 Health Screening,
Incident Prevention, & Emergency
Notifications for Higher Education

Deployed In Days, DHS SAFETY Act Certified

One-Touch Health Check-Ins

Schedule daily health check-in with one-touch options for "I'm Okay," or "I'm Not Feeling Well."

Embed or Link to Health Survey Forms

Leverage your own or CDC-recommended COVID-19 health survey forms. All forms are HIPAA-compliant.

Emergency Notifications

Reach students, teachers & staff across any channel, including Email, SMS, Push Notification, Voice, Twitter, and Slack.

Instant Visibility

Secure dashboard provides instant visibility into the health status of students, teachers, and staff members. Export daily health snapshot reports.

Real-Time, Two-Way Communications

Engage community members in real-time, two-way chat discreetly and anonymously (if selected by user).

Resources & Emergency Options

Provide easy access to COVID-19 resources, policies, and guidelines. One-touch access to local emergency services.

The Advantages of The LiveSafe Platform