Getting Back To Work Safely

Getting employees and staff back to work safely is becoming increasingly challenging due to the ongoing health and financial crises. Whether your employees are working in the office, remotely, or a hybrid combination, keeping your workforce safe, protecting everyone from COVID-19 risks, and abiding by federal and local health guidelines are key priorities for back-to-work planning.

As your partners in safety and security, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your community safe. Use this LiveSafe Toolkit to help your organization stay safe and informed while getting back to work.


LiveSafe Onboarding Guide outlines how to access and download the free LiveSafe Mobile App.

Share the onboarding guide to help your workforce get started with the LiveSafe app in a few quick, easy steps.

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Customized LiveSafe Branded Video discusses how LiveSafe can make your community a safer place to work, learn, and live.

Purchase a custom branded LiveSafe video and share this video in your social, web, and email communications to help your community learn about LiveSafe.

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“How To Report an Incident” Video and Handout teach users how to submit tips like Assault/Abuse, Mental Health, or Harassment through the LiveSafe App step-by-step. 

Share the video and handout with your employees so they are confident with how to submit a tip in the event they need to. 

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The Law and Your Return to Work Strategy Prevention Podcast provides answers from legal experts to frequently asked questions regarding return to work strategies and legal implications such as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. 

Listen to the podcast and determine if any changes should be made to your current return-to-work strategy. 

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COVID-19 Return to Work Plans Prevention Podcast discusses the various risks involved with returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic as more businesses reopen and welcome back employees. 

Listen to the podcast to understand what risks your organization, workforce, and business operations may face from COVID-19 if you are reopening.

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WorkSafe – How It Works Video provides an overview of LiveSafe’s back-to-work solution to help your organization get back up and running.

Learn more about WorkSafe and how it can help your organization with mobile custom health screening, COVID-19 tools, and other resources to protect your workforce and business operations. 

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  1. Host a webinar with employees as they return to the office or remain remote to discuss what your organization is doing to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 risks as well as more traditional safety risks such as assault, workplace injury, or theft. Introduce them to or remind them about the LiveSafe app and how it can keep them safe.
  2. Post instructions to download the LiveSafe app and additional supporting resources on social media and company websites that employees interact with. Remind your workforce that they can use LiveSafe to stay informed and safe at the office or from a remote location. 
  3. Include downloading the LiveSafe app on onboarding materials for new employees and staff. Consider including LiveSafe tutorial videos and supporting resources for new employees to access.
  4. Incorporate WorkSafe into your organization’s return to work plans. Visit the WorkSafe website or reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions about how WorkSafe can help your organization get employees back to the office safely with Health Surveys and Check-Ins, COVID-19 Questions and Resources, and other core LiveSafe features.