We’ve created this tool to help you find your organization’s site ID(s).  The settings for the search engine are flexible making it easier to find your data. You’ll note the Site ID is the very first number and what we need when you make your purchase.  We recommend you search with your parent organization name or your club name.

Here is how the information is organized

The search will return this data in this order:

  1. Site Global ID
  2. Site Name
  3. Site Region
  4. Parent Org Global ID
  5. Parent Organization Name

When you do a search you may see more records than just your site if you use a keyword that appears in other sites names or parent organizations as well, like southern or northeast.  Avoid using words like Boys, Girls, Clubs, and Association in the keyword search. More than 4,000 records have those words in them.  The search results are limited to 25 records.

To use the search engine type in a couple of unique keywords that are found in the name of your organization in the search box below.  If you have multiple sites you may type in a couple of unique keywords that are found in the name of the parent organization and the search engine will return all of the sites associated with your parent organization.  Give it a go.

Here is an example

Imagine you belong to the parent organization Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada.  They have 13 sites.  If we type in just the keyword Nevada, in the search engine we get more site IDs than the 13 assigned to the parent organization.  The search returns 18 site IDs.  However, if we want to narrow our search and we type in two keywords Southern and Nevada, the search returns only the 13 records we were seeking that is associated with the organization.  Play around with the combination of words to narrow your search to find the data you seek.