Get The Facts About Prevention

Get The Facts About Prevention

Just Saying Prevention Isn’t Enough

LiveSafe is more than an app. In fact, designing the leading risk intelligence and safety communications platform in the market was the easy part.

Although our underlying technology, feature set and software development kit (SDK) continue to push the boundaries of innovation, LiveSafe has made a concerted effort over the last six years to invest millions of dollars across multiple initiatives to make us industry-leading experts in risk intelligence reporting and prevention.

Those initiatives include:

  • LiveSafe’s Global Implementation Services Team (GIST) sets LiveSafe apart from its competitors. This team of implementation experts, client success managers and solutions architects ensures each LiveSafe client receives personalized attention and support to ensure successful design, rollout and sustainment.
  • The LiveSafe Foundry is a full-stack design and development team focused on uncovering new, innovative methods of engaging frontline employees and generating preventative risk intelligence solutions.
  • LiveSafe’s Data Scientists are leading the company’s research and development efforts in natural language processing and data analytics, capabilities that are revolutionizing the world of predictive intelligence.
  • Open architectures that supports data sharing across a wide wide range of an organization’s technology investments.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK). Don’t ask your organization to download another app – leverage LiveSafe’s capability to embed into existing mobile applications.
  • In addition to staff members with backgrounds in security and intelligence, LiveSafe regularly meets with world-class Enterprise and Education advisory boards that bring hundreds of years of experience to the table in homeland security, public safety, risk management, campus safety, intelligence and information sharing.

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