LiveSafe Contingency Planning & Readiness Center

The LiveSafe Contingency Planning & Readiness Center is part of our corporate social responsibility program. This is where businesses, universities, and healthcare institutions can access free resources during major regional or national crises.

LiveSafe Announces Free COVID-19 Safety Resources App

LiveSafe is offering a free, limited version of its industry-leading safety and communications platform to any business, university, or healthcare institution that needs an effective means of communicating relevant information to their community during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The platform will also enable members of your workforce or student body to engage in two-way communications with your COVID-19 coordination or response team.

This special offer will provide you three key LiveSafe features on the LiveSafe Mobile App, as well as the LiveSafe Command & Communications Dashboard.

Coronavirus Questions: Through the LiveSafe App, your employees or students can submit questions or seek information from your organization's Coronavirus response team. Real-time chat and anonymous submissions are available.

Access CDC COVID-19 Guidance: Get one-touch access to the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Emergency Call: Call 911 with the touch of a button. LiveSafe will automatically route your 911 call to the nearest 911 call center, regardless of your location.

Broadcast Messaging: Use LiveSafe's Command & Communications Dashboard (privilege based), to broadcast critical COVID-19 information and communicate with your community in real-time.

The LiveSafe App and the Command & Communications Dashboard can help you manage the risk of the Coronavirus to your community. The App will be made available for both iOS and Android.

Mitigate Fear & Misinformation

Communicate In Real Time

Provide Resources

Improve Response

Get Your Organization Started With The Free COVID-19 Safety Resources App Today

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