Your COVID-19 Risk Management & Mitigation Platform

Keep your employees safe, prevent the spread of disease and disruptions to your operations, and communicate critical health and safety information in real-time.

Return to The Workplace Safely

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that when it comes to health and safety we are all connected and dependent upon each other.

To respond to this national emergency and help get the nation’s economy and educational institutions running again, LiveSafe has leveraged its industry-leading risk management and safety communications platform to create a suite of capabilities to help organizations of all sizes return to the workplace efficiently and safely.

LiveSafe, and its COVID-19 focused WorkSafe solution, gives you all the tools you need to keep your employees informed, monitor their well-being, engage them in two-way conversations (discreetly and anonymously), and keep them safe by leveraging cutting-edge mobile and web technologies.

COVID-19 Screening Surveys

Embed HIPAA-compliant health screening survey forms, or provide your own screening survey to ensure employees are symptom-free before they enter the workplace.

Communicate In Real Time

Provide Resources

Improve Response

Additional Resources

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