Promotional Merchandise

Why use Branded Merchandise in your Marketing Efforts?

Branded Merchandise is an effective way to create brand affinity and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to protecting your community with LiveSafe. Distributing Branded Merchandise helps to build credibility, encourage app usage, and recruit new users, all of which strengthen your ability to keep your community safe.


How to Use Branded Merchandise:

Incorporate Branded Merchandise into tabling events, giveaways, and promotions to establish brand trust and encourage downloads and usage of the LiveSafe app within your organization. Want to learn more about how to host your own tabling event? We’ve provided a helpful How-To Guide here.


Client Success 

Distributing useful Branded Merchandise at tabling events, conferences, trade shows or exhibitions adds value to your target audience’s lifestyle. Our clients have great success with preferred vendor items such as pens, mobile phone wallets and laptop camera covers.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Keep LiveSafe top of mind
  • Support organic marketing efforts
  • Strengthen your organization’s engagement with the platform


How to Get Started 

Want to order your own LiveSafe Branded Merchandise? Click the button below to view and purchase LiveSafe-approved premium items from our preferred vendor, Zagwear. Shop Now

Does your organization have a preferred vendor? LiveSafe has high resolution logos that you can download here to order with your vendor of choice.