Prevention Podcast, Episode 01: Kristina Anderson on The Post-Virginia Tech Prevention Movement

LiveSafe talks with Virginia Tech shooting survivor Kristina Anderson about developing a culture of prevention in schools and businesses.

Earlier this week, we launched our new podcast series The Prevention Podcast, in which we interview a top safety official and industry expert to help heighten the conversations around reducing risk and preventing incidents for organizations. Our goal is to bring to life stories that make prevention actionable through technology and engaging community members.

Our inaugural episode features Kristina Anderson, Co-founder of LiveSafe and Founder of the Koshka Foundation.

When a gunman opened fire at 9:40 AM on April 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, thirty-two people died and dozens more were injured. Kristina Anderson was shot three times, but survived. She was one of the most seriously injured of the survivors.

As she healed during the weeks and months that followed, Kristina learned something that would change the course of her life: She would document at least 19 pre-attack indicators spanning several years that could have led to greater scrutiny of the shooter’s behaviors and mental stability leading up to the attack.

In this first episode of The Prevention Podcast, host Dan Verton talks with Kristina Anderson about the power of developing a culture of prevention in schools and businesses, as well as her journey to become a co-founder of LiveSafe and The Koshka Foundation.

Listen To This Week’s Episode

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