Fairfax County Teachers Say Returning to School in September Places Staff in Unnecessary Danger

In this special edition of the Prevention Podcast, two of the largest teacher unions in Fairfax County, Virginia, are speaking out against the county’s plan to reopen, detailing a disturbing number of shortcomings in safety guidelines and precautions.

Opinion: Efforts to ‘Defund’ School Resource Officer Programs Are Shortsighted and Increase Risk

Black lives matter. Racial justice and police reform are necessary and urgent national objectives. But removing school resource officers from

Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Ep.13 — Hospitality Unions File COVID-19 Lawsuit Against Casinos

In this episode of the Prevention Podcast, we have an exclusive interview with Geoconda Argüello-Kline, the Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226 in Las Vegas. She said the situation in Las Vegas for hospitality workers is a game of life and death, and some employers appear to be prioritizing profitability over safety and lives.

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Hospitality Workers Demand Better Protection From COVID-19 Exposure In New Lawsuit

Lawsuit By Vegas Hospitality Workers Union Underscores Inability of Existing Risk Management Systems to Mitigate & Prevent COVID-19 Infections July

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Virginia To Issue COVID-19 Emergency Safety Rule – Just In Time For School

June 29, 2020 Virginia is poised to become the first state in the nation to issue an emergency occupational, safety,

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Calculated Risk: Returning to Campus in The Age of COVID-19

The new white paper from the risk management and prevention experts at LiveSafe, explores how some colleges and universities plan to return, the capabilities and best practices that factored into their risk calculations, and how COVID-19 has impacted the role of university risk managers and public safety officials.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment: LiveSafe Fosters Employee Prevention and Preparedness

Although the Monumental security team had already developed protocols for evacuations, they did not have a way to effectively communicate these procedures to employees in a timely manner. Additionally, they did not have the means for their employees to respond with subsequent questions or concerns.

COVID-19 Response Needs a Proven Solution

April 2, 2020 It has been truly inspiring to watch how America’s great companies, captains of industry, and entrepreneurs have

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Coronavirus & Tough Decisions

Risk management leadership demands more than following policies and procedures, and relying on data for decision making. Risk management leadership also requires the ability to make unpopular, difficult decisions in scenarios lacking conclusive data.

Major Healthcare Client: LiveSafe Enables Proactive Reporting of Safety & Security Risks

The security department at this healthcare organization works hard to keep the employees and patients safe so that everyone can focus on helping each child grow healthier and happier. As part of this commitment, they conduct regular training and safety drills. Uniformed officers patrol the hallways, checking in with each department. They have installed blue emergency call boxes throughout the parking garages. Also, they operate a 9-1-1 style emergency dispatch that allows security officers to respond quickly when needed.