COVID-19 Response Needs a Proven Solution

April 2, 2020 It has been truly inspiring to watch how America’s great companies, captains of industry, and entrepreneurs have

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Coronavirus & Tough Decisions

Risk management leadership demands more than following policies and procedures, and relying on data for decision making. Risk management leadership also requires the ability to make unpopular, difficult decisions in scenarios lacking conclusive data.

Major Healthcare Client: LiveSafe Enables Proactive Reporting of Safety & Security Risks

The security department at this healthcare organization works hard to keep the employees and patients safe so that everyone can focus on helping each child grow healthier and happier. As part of this commitment, they conduct regular training and safety drills. Uniformed officers patrol the hallways, checking in with each department. They have installed blue emergency call boxes throughout the parking garages. Also, they operate a 9-1-1 style emergency dispatch that allows security officers to respond quickly when needed.

Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Episode 2 — Combining Training and Risk Reporting in Higher Ed

Last November, LiveSafe announced an important new partnership with Vector Solutions, the leader in industry-focused e-learning and performance support. Vector

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Hearst: Better Business and Security Outcomes Via LiveSafe

In a very contentious political atmosphere where it was impossible to know in advance where security issues would arise, Hearst needed a means to anticipate security situations that could potentially impact deadlines for reporting and logistical operations for broadcast media coverage (which in turn could impact ratings and breaking media coverage), as well as communicate situations to broadcast team members.

Brookfield Properties: LiveSafe Prevents Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Property Damage

Sometimes even major events that are planned many months in advance can change rapidly and get out of control, placing a premium on prevention efforts and getting ahead of emerging threats. In 2017, Brookfield’s Washington D.C. team found themselves in the middle of just such a situation. It was the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and Washington D.C. was beset by protests, some of them violent.

Las Vegas Mall Shooting Demonstrates LiveSafe’s Full Potential

The Fashion Mall shooting provides an important case study in the broader application of the LiveSafe platform. While the ultimate goal of LiveSafe is to surface early-warning insights that can help security personnel detect and prevent incidents from occurring, in cases like this, when there is no warning, LiveSafe’s powerful two-way communications, broadcast alerts, and geo-fencing features provide critical mass communications capabilities that can help prevent further injuries or greater loss of life.

Sources & Methods: The LiveSafe Guide to Early Warning Threat Detection and Reporting For School Safety and Security Programs

LiveSafe is pleased to announce its first major research report and guide for K-12 and higher education officials on early warning threat detection and reporting. The report, Sources & Methods: The LiveSafe Guide to Early Warning Threat Detection and Reporting For School Safety and Security Programs, is based on 18 months of interviews with more than a dozen current and former campus law enforcement professionals, former school resource officers, survivors of school shootings, university researchers, and education risk and insurance professionals.

Prevention Podcast, Season 2, Episode 44: School Shootings and K-12 Duty of Care Obligations

In the aftermath of the school shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif., one parent and former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officer is calling foul on the school district.

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Prevention Podcast, Season 2, Episode 43: What The U.S. Secret Service Can Teach Us About Preventing The Next School Shooting

The Prevention Podcast interviews members of the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center on preventing school shootings.

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