Virginia Commonwealth University

The VCU Police Department has reduced officer-involved use of force by 84%, has increased de-escalation efforts, and is working to fairly and impartially treat every member of the community equally. VCU also deployed LiveSafe to ensure that students were able to access safety resources and submit tips. Despite officer training and policy changes, BIPOC (black, […]

Enterprise: Responding to Requests to Work From Home

As COVID-19 began to spread across the country, one employee was concerned that her workplace didn’t seem to be taking necessary steps to address the virus. Specifically, workers had not been encouraged to work from home. Download the Enterprise: Responding to Requests to Work From Home Use Case (PDF)

Higher Education: Enforcing Social Distancing

A university student noticed that another student was showing rampant disregard for COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and was attending large gatherings despite having recently traveled to several areas with high infection rates. The university student wanted to help enforce social distancing rules without directly contacting the rule-breaker. Download the Higher Education: Enforcing Social Distancing Use Case […]

Gannon University

As the university begins to reopen, it needs a way to regularly screen students, faculty and staff for COVID-19 symptoms to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the community. Download the Gannon University Use Case (PDF)

Healthcare: Managing Coronavirus Mental Health Concerns

A hospital employee noticed that a coworker was experiencing significant stress as a result of the novel coronavirus and was having disruptive and upsetting outbursts in the workplace. The employee wanted to address the situation but didn’t know what steps to take. Download the Healthcare: Managing Coronavirus Mental Health Concerns Use Case (PDF)

Retail Industry: Clarifying Face Mask Policies

A retail employee working in a store with a mask requirement noticed that some customers refused to wear masks, citing doctors notes or breathing conditions as reasons for exemption. When these customers were reminded of the mask policy, they became agitated and did not want to comply. Retail Industry: Clarifying Face Mask Policies 

Public School System: Student Commute Safety

Students in this public school system reported feeling unsafe on their commutes to and from school each day. Many experienced assault and harassment, and some were even killed on their commutes. Security officials needed to equip students with mobile protection and a means of reporting threats and incidents in order to enhance safety and security […]

Utilities Sector: Addressing Potential Road Collapse

A utilities worker noticed two holes in a roadway between vaults being used by workers for substation repair. They suspected that there may be a larger cavity underneath the asphalt. This could lead to road collapse and significant worker injury. Download the Utilities Sector: Addressing Potential Road Collapse Use Case (PDF)

Real Estate Investment Trust

The contract security officers utilize the LiveSafe Mobile Platform for tenant tip reporting and silent dispatch to officers at each property. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the REIT’s properties suddenly had a lower tenant population due to lockdowns and work from home policies, increasing the risk of break-ins, trespassing, and threatened officer safety. The […]

Professional Golf Tournament

The management team wanted to improve crowd safety and quickly communicate pertinent information with volunteers during the multi-day tournament so that they could prevent security incidents and provide help when needed. Download the Professional Golf Tournament Use Case (PDF)

Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy workers often work alone at plants and while completing repairs in the field or visiting customer homes. These lone worker scenarios require specific protocols and can present unsafe conditions. Dominion Energy wanted to improve employee safety by making it easy for workers to access pertinent information and request help when needed. Download the […]


During the offseason, over 60 WNBA players were competing overseas. On New Year’s Eve, a deadly shooting occurred at an Istanbul nightclub where WNBA players were celebrating. Download the Women’s National Basketball Association Use Case (PDF)

Non-Profit Interest Group: Emergency Information Protocols

This interest group has extensive information on emergency preparedness protocols. This information is traditionally in a printed format, but the handouts were not easily accessible in times of need. Since employees almost always have access to their mobile devices, the organization explored the option of providing a digital version of the emergency preparedness information. Download […]

Healthcare: Managing Hospital Media Relations

A police officer died shortly after being admitted to the hospital, garnering media attention. Hospital management anticipated a disruptive influx of reporters. Download the Healthcare: Managing Hospital Media Relations Use Case (PDF)

Major Media Company: Identifying Unsafe Neighborhoods Abroad

A major media company was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil covering the 2016 Olympic Games. The company wanted to prevent its employees from accidentally entering unsafe neighborhoods such as favelas, which are not always easily recognizable by people unfamiliar with the city. Download the Major Media Company: Identifying Unsafe Neighborhoods Abroad Use Case (PDF)

Duke University

A local man had a warrant issued for his arrest after security cameras captured photos of him stealing a jacket and camera from a campus building. About a week later, three Duke employees spotted him on campus. Download the Duke University Use Case (PDF)

Healthcare: Hospital Housekeeping Propping Doors Open

A hospital employee continued to find rocks propping doors open when she entered the building in the morning. She was concerned that an unauthorized person could gain access to the building through these open doors. Download the Healthcare: Hospital Housekeeping Propping Doors Open (PDF)

Manufacturing: Responding to Production Line Safety Concerns

A manufacturing client recognized that its workplace was presenting hazards to production employees and they received a report of an injured worker receiving delayed aid due to lack of Medical Kit accessibility. This is dangerous and can violate OSHA, a law that regulates workplace safety. They needed a way for workers to easily report safety […]

Manufacturing: Enforcing Face Mask Policies

A manufacturing employee noticed that many temporary and full-time employees were wearing masks incorrectly, such as backwards or only on their chins. The employee also noticed that leadership was not intervening to enforce mask-wearing policies. This put the workforce at risk of illness and made the employee feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Download the Manufacturing: Enforcing […]

Utilities Sector: Responding to Coworker Threat

A utilities worker was informed that a coworker had threatened to do them bodily harm. The worker feared for their safety, but did not want to call security because they were afraid of being overheard. Download the Utilities Sector: Responding to Coworker Threat (PDF)  

Enterprise: Communicating During an Active Shooter Emergency

A disgruntled employee opened fire in a city hospital, endangering the lives of those in the hospital and nearby buildings, including the walk-in center for a large U.S. energy company, which was one block away. The employees and customers inside the walk-in center feared for their safety and needed information about the perpetrator, such as […]

Utilities Sector: Responding to Safety Hazard

A utilities worker was unplugging their vehicle from its charging station when they scratched their leg on a rusty nail that was protruding from the wall. Download the Utilities Sector: Responding to Safety Hazard

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

MSE wanted to increase employee safety and foster a culture of prevention and preparedness by hosting an evacuation drill at Capital One Arena. Download the Monumental Sports & Entertainment Use Case (PDF)

Military Academy

This military academy utilizes the LiveSafe Mobile Platform for emergency communications and incident reporting. As the coronavirus pandemic became an increasing threat to health and security, the academy’s leadership wanted to provide the community with up-to-date information and evolving response protocols from the academy leadership, the military at large, and the local county. Download the […]

Higher Education: Responding to Drunk Driving Incident

A university student found themselves in a car with an intoxicated driver. The student recognized the situation as dangerous but wasn’t sure how to get out of the car and did not feel comfortable calling someone for help while others were in the car. Download the Higher Education: Responding to Drunk Driving Incident (PDF)

Dartmouth College

Although Dartmouth College has strict alcohol and hazing policies, it appeared that improper behavior was going unreported. The university needed to provide community members with an easy and safe way to disclose incidents of organizational misconduct, anonymously if they desire. Download the Dartmouth College Use Case (PDF)

Fairfield University

As Fairfield began planning to reopen for the Fall 2020 semester, the university wanted a way to conduct daily health screenings of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fairfield also wanted to ensure that Daily Health Questionnaire data could be effectively processed every day. Download the Fairfield University Use Case […]

High Point University

An undergraduate student confides in a friend, sharing that they are struggling with suicidal thoughts. The friend wants to provide appropriate support and to connect their friend to helpful resources.

Higher Education: Connecting Students to COVID-19 Testing Resources

A university student began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and wanted to seek medical attention. The student called two student health centers for testing but was unable to reach a physician or schedule
an appointment. Although the student was self-quarantining, they were unsure of university policy regarding COVID-19 and needed information and assistance.

Bergen County

Bergen County is in the heart of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the U.S. The Prosecutor’s Office has seen an influx of concerns about COVID-19 response, despite not being leading experts in COVID-19. The office needed to shift its focus away from answering COVID-19 questions while also providing the county with up- to-date information about the virus. “We wanted to connect people immediately to information,” said Senior Assistant Prosecutor Martin Delaney.