Category: Enterprise

Category: Enterprise

The Risk & Cost of Workplace Embezzlement

There are many nonviolent risks in the workplace that can have a devastating impact on a company’s employees, financial stability, liability exposure, brand, and reputation.

At Your Own Risk: The Costly Mistake of Ignoring Sexual Harassment & Assault In The Workplace

The focus of this paper is to outline the challenges facing victims of sexual harassment and assault and to offer prevention strategies that can improve reporting rates, enhance trust in the reporting process, and facilitate accountability for perpetrators. Preventing sexual harassment and assault in the workplace is not only the right and moral thing to do, but it’s critical for maintaining a successful business.

Prevention Podcast: Season 2, Episode 17 – Elements of An Effective Active Shooter Training Program

On this episode of The Prevention Podcast, we explore the elements of an effective active shooter training program, the importance of understanding where this type of training fits in the larger context of OSHA compliance, and how technology for reporting early warning indicators of violence is a critical missing link to the current generation of active shooter training courses.

Making The Case: Prevention As A Strategic Business Driver

This paper summarizes the key takeaways for CSOs looking to utilize a collaborative, data driven approach to demonstrating the ROI on security, as well as provides tips to cultivate a prevention mindset in today’s complex and ever-changing world of risk mitigation and risk management.

White Paper: The New Prevention Movement

When Fred Smith and Barry Diller say they think they’ve found a way to reduce the increasing number of risks and threats facing businesses while simultaneously improving safety and security for millions of people around the world, smart business leaders tend to stop what they’re doing and listen.