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Las Vegas Mall Shooting Demonstrates LiveSafe’s Full Potential

The Fashion Mall shooting provides an important case study in the broader application of the LiveSafe platform. While the ultimate goal of LiveSafe is to surface early-warning insights that can help security personnel detect and prevent incidents from occurring, in cases like this, when there is no warning, LiveSafe’s powerful two-way communications, broadcast alerts, and geo-fencing features provide critical mass communications capabilities that can help prevent further injuries or greater loss of life.

Secret Service Study Urges Schools to Adopt Prevention and Reporting Strategies to Stop School Shootings

The study by the National Threat Assessment Center is part of the second phase of the Safe Schools Initiative and is based on 41 incidents of “targeted school violence” that took place in American schools from 2008 to 2017.A new study of school shootings released by the U.S. Secret Service on Thursday found that most school shooters exhibited observable warning signs well ahead of their attacks and urged schools across the nation to adopt prevention strategies that include threat assessment teams and anonymous reporting systems.

New Secret Service Study on Mass Attacks Emphasizes Prevention

A new report released this week by the U.S. Secret Service concludes that the key to stopping mass attacks at businesses, schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities and government agencies is having an actionable prevention strategy in place that emphasizes reporting and intervention.

Hope Is Not A Strategy For School Security

On this sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the nation looks to the new year ahead with hope — hope that things will change for the better and that schools will go back to being safe places. But hope is not a strategy. Even worse, the vast majority of strategies and solutions being bandied about by industry consultants and so-called security experts simply haven’t worked.