Spirit of triumph over tragedy

Group image of Carolyn Parent, Kristina Anderson, and Shy Pahlevani

From left, LiveSafe CEO Carolyn Parent, Co-founder Kristina Anderson, and Founder Shy Pahlevani

LiveSafe is the world’s leading mobile safety communications platform and enables users to do something when they see something. Used by major corporations and educational institutions to help keep employees and students safe, the LiveSafe platform focuses on providing actionable crowdsourced intelligence gathering for security officials.

Born from a spirit of triumph over tragedy and the desire to empower everyone to help keep our communities safe, LiveSafe was founded by Shy Pahlevani, a victim of a violent robbery, and Kristina Anderson, the most injured survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings. They collaborated and pursued the idea of using crowdsourced intelligence to engage the community to help prevent incidents and improve overall safety.

LiveSafe enables two-way, real-time interaction between individuals and security and facilities teams. The convenience of using a smartphone to ask for help is a game-changing way to open up communication on safety- and security-related concerns. Users can send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents ranging from routine maintenance needs to suspicious activity to safety threats.

Businesses, hospitals, malls, college campuses and large sports and entertainment arenas use LiveSafe’s platform to create a safer environment for employees and customers.