Our Story

LiveSafe was created with a vision that public safety could be redefined so that individuals have greater power in controlling their safety. That's why Virginia Tech survivor and safety innovator Kristina Anderson teamed up with founder Shy Pahlevani, and set out to create a new paradigm around safety.

They believed that by inspiring information sharing and making it easy for people to connect with local police, crime could be prevented and communities would be safer. Using the latest in mobile technology, they decided to develop a service with robust communication capabilities that's more fit for the modern world.

The LiveSafe team has now created a two-way communication channel that provides the most innovative and trusted solution in mobile safety. Our mission is to facilitate and increase everyday communication between community members and law enforcement, increase individual safety awareness, and to create a safer world.

Our Team

Jeff Grass

Jeff is an experienced inventor, entrepreneur, leader and business builder with a proven record of success. Having earned an MBA from The Wharton School, Jeff went on to co-found PayMyBills which sold for $67 million. He then co-founded buySAFE, an e-commerce service for which he raised over $30 million in venture capital. Jeff brings his tremendous experience to LiveSafe where he serves as the company’s Chairman, providing strategic and operational guidance to the team. Jeff is inspired by the opportunity to blend new technology with a powerful vision of creating safer communities.

Jenny Abramson
CEO, President

Jenny’s a proven executive with roles in the technology, education, and media sectors. Her past successes have ranged from large companies like The Washington Post to start-ups like Personal. In education, Jenny ran the Transformation Management Office for DC Public Schools’ Chancellor Rhee, was Director of Program Strategy & Development at Teach for America and currently serves on four education boards. Jenny received a B.A. and M.A. from Stanford, an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and a Fulbright at The London School of Economics. She is committed to ensuring that LiveSafe empowers people to keep their communities safe.

Shy Pahlevani
Founder, Partner Advocate & Strategic Growth

A victim of crime himself, Shy understands the magnitude of an emergency situation and the need for technology that prevents crime and ensures safety. As Founder of LiveSafe, Shy executes the company’s day-to-day affairs and ensures the success and reliability of the company’s products. He brings over a decade of experience in the technology and start-up space, previously at buySAFE, and more recently KidSafe. His goal is to ensure that every person has access to tools that increase safety and create peace of mind.

Kristina Anderson
Chief Evangelist

Kristina, a survivor of the Virginia Tech tragedy in April 2007, has since dedicated herself to the important issues of campus safety and emergency planning. As founder of a non-profit for safer schools, Kristina is a frequent speaker and resource for violence prevention experts and survivors. She believes in the positive impact that increased communication and knowledge provide and leads LiveSafe’s efforts to share with the world the revolutionary nature of the LiveSafe solution.

Randy Klueger
Chief Financial Officer

Randy is a seasoned financial executive and venture capitalist specializing in mobile and security sectors. He brings to LiveSafe over twenty years of CFO experience in private equity and venture capital-backed growth companies. In addition to his role as CFO with companies, he has served as President of Klueger & Associates, LLC and Millennium Laser Eye Centers prior to joining LiveSafe. He is enthusiastic about LiveSafe’s mission to revolutionize public safety with a crowdsource approach to driving citizen engagement.

Eman Pahlevani
Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Eman brings years of in-depth experience in sales, business development, legal counseling, and management in both the private and public sectors. At LiveSafe, he leads the legal team and supplements LiveSafe’s business development efforts by creating strategic partnerships with key players in higher education, law enforcement and related areas. Eman believes that the best way to keep our communities safe is to have more members of the community get involved.

Anne Cynamon
Director of University Partnerships

Anne is an accomplished executive with over 10 years of experience in various marketing, sales and product management roles, most recently at The Washington Post. At LiveSafe, she leads university partnerships and has the privilege of sharing LiveSafe’s transformational service with our partners in school safety.

Samier Mansur
Co-Founder, VP User Engagement and Product Strategy

Samier brings close to a decade of experience in government consulting and public policy. He is passionate about ideas and technologies that can help make this world a better-organized and more peaceful place. Samier has worked on a range of conflict resolution and business development initiatives both locally and internationally alongside ambassadors, public, and private sector officials. As a Founder of LiveSafe, he leads user-marketing efforts and works closely with the product team to strategize features designed to keep LiveSafe users feeling safe and empowered.

Tim Gillons
Product Manager

Tim was bitten by the internet bug in the late '90s and has spent his whole career since then building web-based products & systems for all types of businesses, from bootstrapped start-ups to major media companies. Tim has also been bitten by the travel bug, but was lured back from the jungles of Borneo by the excitement of helping build the world's first social safety network.

Suraj Shetty
Director of Technology

Suraj, a software engineer with over 14 years of experience in the software industry, ranging from biotechnology to finance to education, has been part of many successful startups and brings that proven experience to LiveSafe. The few moments when he is not hunched over his laptop, he has been known to dabble in photography, digitally consuming the world around him.

Demetris Christou
Mobile Development Lead

Demetris is an innovative and detail-oriented programmer that brings deep intelligence to the product development team. He is an expert in various programming languages including Java, C, Objective-C, SQL, PL/SQL and he is very passionate about software development and in particular mobile application development. At LiveSafe, he architects and leads development of the iOS application, expertly writing code that will change the world.

Roxanne Trust
Content and Marketing Strategist

Roxanne brings passion and creativity in helping develop marketing strategies, produce content and write LiveSafe's editorial insights on safety. Additionally, she helps organize and implement user and client marketing efforts at LiveSafe-partnered schools.

Cat Robinson
Design Manager

Cat has always loved working at the intersection of visual art and people. Her Masters in Art Therapy from GWU has shaped her user-centric and illustrative approach to design. Before LiveSafe, Cat designed data visualizations and interfaces as a contractor at the Office of Management and Budget in DC. She is now committed to changing campus safety- one pixel at a time.

Jeremy Shelly
Junior Developer

Jeremy is a mobile developer that is constantly looking for a challenge. Since graduating from Shippensburg University in 2012, he's been building apps for Android. At LiveSafe, he applies his skills in Android app development to program a user-friendly and high quality UI. He is excited to help make the world a safer place by living, breathing, and creating everything Android.

Shayan Montazeri
Junior Developer

Shayan is a highly detailed and analytical software developer who thoroughly enjoys each phase of the software engineering process. After receiving his graduate education in computer science and gaining real-world experience as a developer, Shayan came to LiveSafe where he now supports backend technology, including refactoring and improving the codebase.

Jason Greenwald
Partnership Manager

Jason brings over seven years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations, including time spent at The Washington Post and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Executive Board. At LiveSafe, he partners with universities across the country, bringing them our mobile safety solution to help enhance their campus safety and build truly safer communities.